Quality Assurance

SeaPort-e – Quality Assurance

The SDS Team’s organizational approach toward continuous improvement of products and services is our Quality Assurance (QA) process. Quality standards will be applied in accordance with the technical and contract requirements. Our QA Plans include documented definitions of problem or improvement opportunities, a clear understanding of who is responsible for action, a determination of the corrective or preventative action to be taken, process of on-going monitoring, and documentation of actions performed and lessons learned.

The QA Plan provides a method to identify problems early in the process. Management of follow-up efforts facilitates and maximizes quality. Weekly management meetings reviewing project milestones and status reports mitigate risk and ensure successful results. Regularly scheduled meetings with our customers provide continuous feedback on task progress. The QA Plan for each task is monitored and maintained by the SDS Quality Manager and clearly defines the goals and milestones associated with a successful task in order to eliminate ambiguity and misinterpretation of task objectives. To ensure quality professional services and related products meet customer directed standards, the SDS Team follows the process plan outlined below.


Process Activity Responsibility
Fully understand all QA requirements including task order schedules and milestones, deliverables and performance metrics, responsibilities, reporting chains, specifications, and standards. Program Manager, Team Leaders, Technical Staff, QA Manager
Ensure QA requirements are factored into the planning and development of each individual task order. Program Manager, Team Leaders, Contracts Manager, QA Manager
Meet with customer regularly to review task order assignments, progress and deliverables to ensure compliance with expected results. Program Manager, Team Leaders, Technical Staff, QA Manager
Conduct QA reviews as scheduled in the Task QA Plan or as events dictate. Program Manager, QA Manager
Take immediate corrective action for all non-conformance items in task orders. Program Manager, Team Leaders, Technical Staff, Contracts Manager
Maintain records of non-conforming items for reference and for lessons learned actions to prevent recurrence of discrepancies. Program Manager, Team Leaders, QA Manager
Ensure appropriate QA findings and corrective actions are presented at reviews as scheduled in the Task QA Plan. Program Manager, QA Manager

Table: Process Activity and Responsibility


Formal structured procedures ensure that team members and management work to reduce risk associated with making procedural changes that impact customer products and services. Using ISO 9001 processes to support contract execution, results in enhanced team member coordination ensuring long-term contract stability and a standard approach to problem and improvement resolution.

Through communication and an understanding of each task order requirement, SDS ensures task orders will be processed in an orderly and systematic fashion. Once notification of a task order is received via the SeaPort-e Administrator, SDS will distribute the information to each team member. Team members will have an opportunity to respond to the task order. SDS will compile the information on a bid board to determine if the requirements of the task can provide the customer with a solution that meets the task order goals and objectives. A proposal will be prepared and submitted. When a task order is awarded, the SDS QA Plan process begins. Our QA Plan sets goals with specific milestones for meeting task requirements. The SDS Team follows the established processes and procedures outlined in Table 2, including meeting with the customer regularly to review task order assignments, progress, and deliverables, to ensure compliance with expected results. This demonstrates how the SDS Team guarantees responsiveness and cooperation with the customer.

Task Orders will be managed to maximize quality and to guarantee responsiveness to customer. Our approach to problem resolution is the key to the overall successful execution of meeting all deliverables. Upon notification of an award, a Task QA Plan will be prepared, which will clearly define the goals of the task and the milestones associated. The SDS Team members will meet to discuss specific objectives of the tasks outlined in the Task QA Plan, and proper resources will be allocated. Milestones will be monitored on a daily basis to ensure responsiveness to program objectives. If any deviation from the plan is encountered, immediate action will be taken by the SDS Quality Manager and Program Manager to get the task back on track. Any problems that are not resolved will be immediately reported by the Quality Manager to the SDS President for action and resolution. Draft deliverables will be prepared for customer review. Final deliverables will then be submitted. This will ensure successful resolution to problems and provide the customer with expected results.